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International Ideas Competition
Project: Mario Tessarollo

The museum has an urban relevance: a pedestrian connection bridging the highway links it to the town. In addition, its green roof becomes a garden entirely available for use and a natural extension of the site.
Inside, the lobby distributes to the museum’s public areas: bookshop, cafeteria, cloakroom, exhibition galleries and a small auditorium.
The sequence proceeds through the exhibition halls around a large patio with water surrounded by granite walls and steps and ends with a lounge area that opens onto the river. The sequence continues with a slight (3.5%) slope that leads the visitor to the basement and, through a system of vertical connections, goes back to the entrance.
The basement, that opens onto the river and receives light from the large central patio, accommodates SHI-GA’s activities connected to culture and experimentation.
The areas occupied by the permanent collection are indirectly lit from the north, the wall-hung works receive reflected light from the south through an opening in the granite wall, while the area at the end of the basement housing the facilities for the artists’ projections and experimentation activities receives light from above.
The interiors’ colours are soft, with white or granite walls and concrete floors. The transparency and brightness of the walls (all glass windows) opening onto the river integrate the built body with nature.